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Student Assignment Tracker (SaT)

By the final release of Student Assignment Tracker (SaT) my intent is for it to be a Student's E-Bible. The program is designed to be a completely portable E-Planner. The entire program will consist of only one single executable and a single folder to contain the save files; this translates into SaT being able to run on anything that supports the .net framework 4 and its applications.

The student will be able to add Classes as well as all of the details involved with the course (Ex: Teacher, Section Number, Class Name). Also Students will be able to add assignments and the details about the work given by the Instructor. The user can add, edit and delete anything entered into the program to help update the data as the school-term progresses. As an added bonus. All information is stored directly in a database that gets updated as the user input data. This will eliminate the need for a saving or loading feature. This also doubles as extra protection, in case of unexpected problems, ensuring the data is entered is still stored.

Still In Development

This application is now released as a stable application however it still has a ton of features needing to be added. Be sure to check back frequently for new updates. I try to stay as active as possible on this project and like to get updates out as soon as i notice a bug or add a new feature. I do my best to make sure my coding is clean and effective, however I may slip up now-and-then which will result in an error. If you encounter any errors or issues please feel free to report them under the issue tracker, your help is greatly appreciated. Be sure to include what you were doing when the problem took place, what version of the software you are using, as well as the error message(s) that popped up. Feel free to upload a screen shot if that makes things easier.

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